About us

Located in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, we are a small family & veteran owned business making natural soaps and bath products for friends, family and customers.  We concentrate on using only responsibly sourced, natural ingredients whenever possible for all of our products.  We are focused on providing quality products for a reasonable price because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to move away from chemical based products towards more healthy and natural products that are good for them, their families and the environment.


There's something so exotic
when soap touches the skin
A blissful bubble magic:
The world it draws you in.
Close your eyes and suddenly
the lather takes you where
The warm Sun kisses beaches
The wind is in your hair.
Each bubble forms a world
a million miles away
Each one that pops takes with it
the cares we face today.
Alluring soft caresses
this one indulgent sin
There's something so exotic
when soap touches the skin.
by TJohn Nelson