Wax Melts

MilFam Soapworks

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Our wax melts come in a convenient 6 pack. Just put the wax melt directly in your candle melter.  As the wax slowly melts, it will fill your room with the aroma from any of our varieties listed below. This is a wonderful and safe way to enjoy candles without lighting a wick!



Available Fragrances:

Apples & Cinnamon: smells like curled Macintosh apple peels flavorfully kissed with a hint of spice. Cinnamon, allspice, and clove bud warm this delightful harvest.

Frasier Fir:  Fresh, brisk, clean and refreshing in any season. 

Perfect Pumpkin Spice: Sweet Autumn pumpkin topped with the perfect touch of cinnamon, clove, vanilla and pumpkin puree. Sweet sugary maple adds the finishing touch for a delicious treat.

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